prevents Ads, Malware, Fake News, gambling, and More!!

Today, I decide to build DNS Server for you because I want help community to safe and secure and remove ads pop up on your computer safety. This is your Optional not require. I hate see anyone see this fake scam pop up like this…


  • GTAV Anti-Ban
  • Removed Malware
  • Removed Fake Tech Support
  • Removed Fake Ads
  • Removed Ads google
  • Removed Ads doubleclick
  • Removed Virus Sites
  • Removed Risk Sites
  • Removed Dead Sites


Today my goal to help you guy to feel secure on your PC or Router!! and I been monitor DNS server for make sure it all running and smooth. after this had been growing and lot of traffic on this DNS IP, then I will upgrade it as raspberry pi 4 and 4GB Ram. will much performance better.

Also every day Update add domain blacklist and avoid people create domain to be malware or outdated.


I Recommend you to Purchase VPN then add DNS IP on VPN Setting. if you want more secure information. I Recommend you to purchase Private Internet Access.

They’ll give us both 30 days free.

Bad news:

  • Youtube Ads wont work to block ads since Youtube had over million and million domain for ads. so wont handle it or be perfect.